First Arab Country To launch Mars Probe

07/28/2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Astronomy and Space News

The United Arab Emirates has successfully launched a spacecraft on its journey to study Mars, marking the first such mission by any country in the Arab World. It is hoped that the probe will provide a view of the Martian atmosphere and help reveal clues as to how the planet evolved over time. It could also provide improved weather forecasting at Mars, something mission scientists say could help plan future crewed missions to the planet.

The spacecraft is about the size of a small car and has two solar panels, and will orbit Mars once every 55 Earth days.

One of Hope’s instruments, knowns as the EMUS instrument, will be able to view the upper layers of Mars’s atmosphere, between 100 and 200 kilometres above the surface, and also the region higher than 200 kilometres.

Studying and comparing how matter and energy moves between these two regions will enable the probe to monitor gases like oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide.



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